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Things to Consider When Hiring a DJ

by Mike Nassif

What is the most important part of your wedding? The memories. And of those memories, which ones will be remembered most? Will it be the food? Will it be the flowers? Or will it be the great time you and your guests had at the wedding dance? More often than not, the wedding dance is what holds the greatest memories.

Years from now, when you hear that song - the one you danced your first dance to as husband and wife - you will be flooded with memories of your wedding dance. These memories of your wedding are priceless, or are they?

Everybody knows, the entire wedding process can be quite a spendy proposition. But this is your day! If cost were the only factor, you would have eloped! Cost is an important consideration; however, it is not the most important consideration. When you selected your dress, did you pick the cheapest one on the rack or the one you fell in love with? When you selected tuxedos, did pick the cheapest one or the one that made you look like a million bucks? When you picked the reception hall, did you go with the cheapest option, or the one that best fit your needs? When you ordered the food or the wedding cake, did you let price be your guide or did you let your taste buds decide? With all these important decisions to make about your special day, why would you let price determine your choice in a DJ? Remember the old adage, "You get what you pay for?" Nothing could be closer to the truth - especially when hiring a DJ for your wedding dance.

Where to start. In today's world of technology, a good place to look for a DJ is on the internet. Many DJs now have websites. Websites can be filled with a lot of helpful information or a lot of fluff. A web site will tell you what the DJ wants you to know, not necessarily what you need to know. Some web sites are no more informative than the ad in the phone book. However, some are filled with all the information you could possibly need, and more.

Finally, when you narrow down your search, make the call and ask the important questions that only the DJ can answer. Ask about experience. How long has this person been in the business? Experience is key to a successful wedding dance. Do you want a DJ with 2-3 years experience or do you want a DJ with 10-15 years experience. Ask about personnel - make sure you know who is going to be DJing your wedding dance. Will there be one DJ or will they bring friends. Ask about attire. What will your DJ be wearing? Will they be professionally dressed, or in jeans and a cap? Ask about equipment and back up for that equipment. If a speaker blows up - is the dance over? Is all their music on computer? What if the computer crashes? Ask about the DJs participation in the wedding reception. How will they make this dance memorable for you and your guests?

These are all very legitimate questions. Remember, this is your day! You want the best. And yes, of course, ask about the price. But remember - price goes hand in hand with experience and quality. "You get what you pay for!" The average price of a DJ in our market, Southeast Minnesota, is between $600 and $850. Anything lower than $600 is likely an inexperienced DJ who is unfamiliar with the market. Anything closer to $1000 or higher is likely due to an enlarged ego.

Never forget, this is the biggest day of your life! You want the best for yourself and your guests. Choose your DJ carefully and with the same scrutiny as you chose your dress and tuxedo, your reception hall, and your cake and menu. This is your day. Make it a priceless memory!


- Mike Nassif is with Entertainment To Go in Rochester, MN







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