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 What Should I Wear?

For the traditional photographs you'll want to choose something classic.  Be sure that you don’t wear something that will be out of style in just a few years. Solid colors and darker clothing and long sleeves looks best in the head and shoulder photographs. Ladies should avoid sleeveless tops for their formal portraits.  We suggest that you wear the outfit you've chosen for the yearbook into the studio and we will start with the more formal and posed shots and then progress to the candid or action shots from there

For the casual photos, you can go with more contemporary clothing. It's best to stay away from clothing extremely busy since these pictures are all about you – not your clothing.   If you're not sure, bring it and it can be discussed and decided upon during your session.

The "super oversized" clothes which are very much in style don't photograph well.  On the other hand, clothing that may be too tight will make you look very uncomfortable or not appear flattering to your figure in your photos.

How To Choose What Is Best For You!

A certain color can completely change the look and “feel” of your photograph.  Choose colors of clothing that compliment you skin tone. If you have ever received compliments when you wear a certain color, we strongly suggest you consider it when making wardrobe selections.  We have included the chart below for some suggested colors to wear that would compliment your hair and eye color.

Choosing the right neckline is also important. If you have a slightly longer neck, you should choose a higher neckline, such as a turtleneck. On the other hand, if you have a shorter neck, choose a v-neck or crew. The key is to accentuate the positive.

Your Hair Color is:

Your Eye Color is:

Suggested Complimentary Colors:

Strawberry Blonde or Auburn

Blue, Light Brown, or Green

Cream, Peach, Orange(Red toned) Light Tan, and Teal Green

Ash Blonde & Brown (Light or Medium)

Blue, Grey, or Green

Pastel colors, soft Blues and Aquas, Rose

Black or Dark Brown

Blue or Grey

Burgandy, Blue, Navy, and Red


Brown or Green

Blue, Teal, Rust Red(Orange toned), Dark (Forest) Green

Notice on the above chart that white is not included. Light-colored clothing calls attention to itself and away from the face. You are the subject, not what you are wearing!

If you are having your picture shot with a friend, you should choose simple garments within the same tonal ranges. Choose clothing in the same tonal ranges so no single member of the group stands out because the clothing is too light or bright compared to the rest of the group.

Thinking About Tanning?

We all love having a beautiful tan, but stay out of the sun and the tanning beds at least a few days prior to your session. A little color is attractive, but please don't overdo! We cannot change the redness of a sunburn with artwork.  Digital is wonderful but it is not magic.

Express Yourself – It is All About You!

We invite you to bring any props or accessories that might personalize you session such as sports equipment, crafts, books, pets, uniforms, or musical instruments.  Andrews Bay Photography is also equipped to go “on-location” to include cars, motorcycles, and other large items in your pictures.

Tips For Guys

Make sure that you have a fresh shave. A five o'clock shadow cannot be removed through retouching. If you plan to have a haircut, try to schedule it at least one week before your session. That way your cut won't look " brand new." This is especially important in the summer when a fresh cut may reveal untanned skin.

Make sure you dress from head to toe! Bring along accessories for each outfit such as : shoes, socks, ties, etc.

Tips For Gals

Wear your makeup as you normally would.  Lip gloss adds extra sparkle to your photographs. Facial shine is something that is very difficult to retouch, so please bring along some translucent powder to eliminate any shine.

It is a good possibility that your hands will be in some of the photographs, so make sure that your nails are neatly done. We can retouch fingernail polish to correct or remove it, but that costs extra for digital retouching.  It is simply easier to make sure that you have fresh polish or clean off the old polish.

Avoid a brand new hairstyle or cut. You won't look like you! Please have your hair ready when you arrive at the studio so only a quick touch up is necessary.





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