Senior Packages and Prices:

Andrews Bay Photography offers five different Senior Collections ranging in price from $250.00 to $760.00.  Each package includes a Print Ordering Credit from $150.00 to $450.00

Details are available by request.

What is a Print Credit?  Rather than to lock you into a pre-packaged picture combination that never fits, we offer a very unique package and price structure.  You never get stuck with extra pictures that nobody wants and will end up in an old shoebox in the back of your closet.  With each of our packages we allow you to order directly from  our Ala-Carte menu using the "Print Credit.  That guarantees that you will always get exactly what you want.

Senior Ultimate:    $760.00  - ($450.00 print credit)

Senior Supreme:    $635.00 - ($400.00 print credit)

Senior Gallery: $485.00 - ($350.00 print credit)

Senior's Favorite:    $425.00 - ($300.00 print credit)

Senior Basic:    $250.00  - ($150.00 print credit)

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Payment schedule for all packages is $100.00 due at time of shooting, $100.00 due with delivery of previews (approximately 2 weeks later), and balance due with order within two weeks of receiving preview shots.

Digital retouching for adjusting body size or blemishes  

Black & White, multiple exposures, selective colorization and toning, enhanced colorizing, edge effects, custom artwork 

Personalized signature/year  

DVD Slideshow         

2nd Photo session

Add a friend 4 poses, one outfit    

Computer ready images for Myspace or Facebook

Digital Negatives

Digital Retouching

PLEASE NOTE:  Appointment Scheduling - All senior settings are by appointment only.