We can only use four Ambassadors from each school.

We use the K.I.S.S. System.  (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Rather than coming up with difficult formulas for our ambassadors, we simply give you a $50.00 gift certificate for each referral from you that we shoot.  You can use the certificate yourself or give it to someone else

Open your mouth – tell just one person about us - get FIFTY BUCKS!

If you send us just 2 new clients, your picture package is free.

STOP!  Go back and read that last line again!   -  THAT'S RIGHT - if you just refer TWO clients - ALL your prints are free!

As an Andrews Bay Ambassador, you will get your own custom printed business cards to give to your friends to identify them as your referral.

It's that simple.

We use both Juniors and Seniors as Ambassadors.

Special bonus to Andrews Bay Ambassadors only:

In addition to the rewards, each Ambassador who refers at least one new client will receive eight of your favorite pictures ready for uploading to Facebook or Myspace.

If you are interested please contact us so we can schedule a meeting.

Ambassador Application

Website: www.andrewsbayphotography.com    Email: chuxpix@wowway.com